When it comes to gardening, we make sure that we are able to provide what our garden deserves. But considering important factors, this might not become possible. There are several important things to consider when planning on planting trees such as every day care we need to provide. Luckily, the ?professional tree service Gainesville is always there to provide you the help that you need when it comes to your garden maintenance. 

But before you plan on planting some trees in your garden, there is one important thing you need to consider: the type of trees you will be going to have. Most plants are seasonal. This means that they bloom and flourish in certain seasons of the year. While these trees are no less than the others, you can opt for the kinds that bloom in all seasons of the year.  

1.Cranberry Viburnum 

This tree produces white flowers and is very ideal if you want to have a good shade for your property. It blooms in the month of May and the flowers can create a cluster of 4 inches across. It also bears red fruits that stay on the tree until the winter season. The fruit can be used to make jams. During the fall, the tree also has maple-like foliage that consists of orange, red, and yellow.  

2. Red Dogwood 

This tree has beautiful red flowers during spring and a lush of green foliage. The tree becomes reddish-purple at the fall season and becomes steal during the winter. Also, just like the other trees, it can produce glossy red fruits that can feed different kinds of birds.  

3.Snowdrift Crabapple 

This is a hardwood tree that requires only low maintenance. It produces pink flowers that turn white in the winter season. It also bears orange-red fruits that attract and feed birds. Its fruit can last until the seasons of winter.  

4.Japanese red maple tree 

This tree bears no flowers but produces very magnificent leaves. The leaves have a combination of colors like the orange-yellow, and red. When it comes to the structure of the leaves, it has 7-palmed green or red leaves that will require just some low maintenance and not frequent some pruning.  

The Japanese red maple tree is very versatile and it can grow in different environments. 

5.The river birch tree 

This tree is one of the most popular choices by the home gardeners because it is very fast to grow and bears flowers. It also does not have any fruits. The bark provides different colors such as peach, salmon, and brown.  

Due to its popularity, it was voted as the Tree of the year by the Society of Municipal Arborists back in 2002.  

Other trees you might like: 

  • Sargent Cheery 
  • Sourwood tree 
  • Prairie flowering crabapple tree 

When it comes to choosing which tree and seeds to plat, it is important that you know if your trees can last during the whole season of the year. There are many options you can choose from and it is important that you consider the longevity, the flowers, and the kind of shade you want.